In 1962, Armand Abel started to organize the "Days", an annual meeting that brings together members to discuss pointed themes concerning Orientalism. The Journal Acta Orientalia Belgica publishes all the communications. The S.R.B.É.O./K.B.G.O.S. welcomes researchers specialized in various disciplines related to Orientalism: Egyptology, Assyriology, Biblical studies, Islamology, Indianology, Far-Eastern studies, Slavistic, etc. The S.R.B.É.O./K.B.G.O.S. is also open to amateurs with deep interest and passion for the Orient, both ancient and modern. Its activities are therefore learning, multi-disciplinary and is geared toward the large cultivated public.

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[Call for Paper] The Architect as a reference figure in Eastern civilizations (Brussels, March 2023)

Next Days : LXth session of the Belgian Orientalists Days

The theme concerns both the place of architects in Eastern societies, and the Architect as a symbolic figure of God, the sovereign, the sage, etc. All possible uses of the theme, even the most unexpected, are welcome. Remember that off-theme communications are also accepted.

Please let the President know (Christian CANNUYER) if you intend to present a communication and to give the title, even provisional. Responses are expected by October 1 and must be confirmed by January 15, 2023.

Call for Paper

Orientalists Days

Last Days : LIXth session of the Belgian Orientalists Days

Oriental writings: invented, encrypted, misappropriated, forgotten, rediscovered...


Friday and Saterday 18-19 March 2022


Royal Museum of Mariemont


Programme of the LIXth session

Acta Orientalia Belgica


Plural Orients. Liber amicorum Samir Arbache


18th of March 2022 at the occasion of the LIXth session of the Belgian Orientalists Days


A blend bringing together some twenty papers from various fields


Table of contents of ACTA XXXV

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Last volume : SUBSIDIA V

Moses in all his states. The character of Moses and his reception in the Bible and religious traditions


Edited by Catherine Vialle, 180 pages, 2020


Proceedings of the Study Day organised by the Faculty of Theology of Lille and the French Catholic Association for the Study of the Bible, Lille, 17 November 2017


Table of contents of SUBSIDIA V